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An outpouring of grief and consternation has swept the country over the past few weeks. Across America and all around the world, the peaceful protests are reminders of the progress we need to make and the unity we need to promote in our society.

We’ve talked about building the America that we know is possible. We want to take some positive steps to help this journey. Our team has collected some famous quotes, seen here on our homepage, that we believe summarize the sentiments of love, hope and unity many of us feel are needed right now. These quotes now appear across our nationwide digital footprint. Our hope is that by sending these positive messages, we’ll help inspire, unify and support our communities, our teams and our customers.

Clear Channel Outdoor is committed to a strong future for all our constituents. These are emotional and difficult times where the future seems uncertain. What we know, however, is that we’ll get through them together.

William Eccleshare
Worldwide CEO
Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.
Scott Wells
Clear Channel Outdoor Americas


During these uncertain times, Clear Channel Outdoor is making it easy for you to stay connected to your community. Our company has creative teams standing by to help your business and customers, along with examples of how other advertisers are using OOH, to respond to the changing world around us.

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